Academic Poster

Presentation of academic posters for a session in COES Conference organized for this purpose.
Those interested in presenting posters should include the title, author(s) and institutional affiliation(s), contact e-mail, three keywords and a 250 word abstract. This abstract should include relevant details of the theoretical framework, study design, methodology, main results and conclusions that show the relevance of the research. Likewise, the proposal must indicate two thematic dimensions of the Conference (with priorities) in which the poster could be included.

Poster format

The printed poster must have a DIN A0 size (91 cm x 122 cm) in vertical format. For the design of the poster use the template in PPT format, available HERE.
Each participant should bring their printed poster to the conference. The posters must also be sent in PDF format with a minimum resolution of 600DPI to be added to the conference website once the conference is finished.

Text and graphics

The poster should be visually clear; Please avoid long texts. The poster must include the following elements:
- Title of project or research work
- Authors, affiliated institution and contact information
- Problem Statement
- Research Methodology
- Results
- Conclusions
The poster should include graphics, charts, diagrams and other visual elements. You have a limit of 1000 words for the preparation of your poster.

Deadline application

The deadline for submission of applications is June 30, 2017 and should be send it through forms available on this website.
The results will be communicated to the postulants on July 31, 2017.