They correspond to oral presentations of 20 minutes, which will be included in sessions defined by the scientific committee of the COES 2017 Conference.
Those interested in this type of presentations should submit an extendend abstract (1000 words), three keywords, institutional affiliation and identify one the main thematic áreas described here. The abstract should include relevant details of the theoretical framework, study design, methodology and main results and conclussions that highlight the relevance of the paper. The abstract should include the necessary information to judge its academic merit and it will be gived priority to proposals that enhance recent research findings. The proposal must indicate two thematic dimensions of the Conference (including and explicit preference order) in which the presentation could be included.

Deadline application

The deadline for submission of applications is June 30, 2017, and should send it through forms available on this website.
The results will be communicated to the postulants on July 31, 2017.