2017 Conference

Social Ties and Citizenship: Interactions and Social Cohesion

November 9th & 10th 2017 | Viña del Mar, Chile
In Chile and Latin America exist spatial and socioeconomic gaps that operate as segregation frontiers, limiting the experience of interaction between different groups of society. This generates social tensions and processes of reproduction of inequalities, opportunities and life expectations. The COES 2017 Conference invites to present and discuss specialized and interdisciplinary research that highlight the role of political socialization, participation, interpersonal and intergroup interactions, formation of social networks, social ties, and perceptions and judgements about Society in the strenghtening and reinvention of social cohesion.

The Conference is articulated on four dimensions:

• Citizenship and Participation
• Networks and Social Interactions
• Subject, Identity and the Collective
• Social Justice and Inequality