Directions to arrive to Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (Viña del Mar campus) from Santiago

Address: Av. Padre Hurtado 750, Viña del Mar

1. Take Route 68 and get to Viña del Mar by the Agua Santa access.
2. Turn right at Álvarez street (where Agua Santa ends).
3. Turn left onto Ecuador street(second traffic light).
4. Cross bridge on estero de Viña del Mar and turn right on 2 Norte street (second traffic light after the bridge).
5. Continue driving in 2 North until it's ends in Los Castaños Ave. Turn left in Los Castaños Ave.
6. Continue through Los Castaños Ave. keeping on the right track (on the right it will be the Sporting Club). At the end of Los Castaños Ave. there is a bifurcation road: to the right it becomes Padre Hurtado Ave. Take Padre Hurtado Ave. (you will start climbing a hill).
7. As you start to climb, you will pass the Sausalito Stadium on the left and then on the right the Regional Sports Center (Gimnasio Polideportivo Regional). Keep going up, 300 mts. approximately. Take the next possible road on the right (not signposted). The entrance to the University Adolfo Ibañez is to 100 meters, of the right side.
Mapa UAI Vina del Mar