Call for Contributions from 2016 COES-LSE “Inequalities” Conference closed with an extremely high number of submissions

Convocatoria Póster Conferencia “Desigualdades” COES-LSE
29 agosto, 2016
Exitoso cierre de convocatoria de papers de conferencia COES LSE “Desigualdades”
15 septiembre, 2016

The organizing team of the 2016 COES-LSE “Inequalities” Conference is very happy to announce that we received a number of submissions for the conference that exceeded our expectations by far.

The call, which closed on 25th of August 2016, attracted the submission of 170 papers and extended abstracts, in addition to 12 panel proposals. As on previous occasions, we received contributions from many different disciplines and from all over the world. Contributions were sent from several European countries (United Kingdom, Spain, France, Luxemburg, Italy, Germany, Greece, Netherlands and Denmark), North America (Canada, the USA and Mexico), the South American region (Columbia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina), as well as from other countries, such as Nepal, India, and Turkey. And, of course, we received many contributions from Chile.

Contributions are going to be evaluated by a team of our researchers on the basis of their relationship with the theme of our conference, their fit with the panels we are forming, and, of course, their academic merit. We will notify authors of papers and extended abstracts on the 12th of September whether we will be able to include their work in their conference. We expect to select about …. papers in total for inclusion in the conference.

Please note that the call for posters still remains open. For more information (…).

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