Conference 2015

About the conference

In the current global, Latin American and Chilean context there is a growing concern about the enactment of social conflict. Space has come to be recognized as a fundamental dimension in the exercise of power as well as in the quest of a better quality of life, as it provides resources for collective action and community cohesion, while also often offers a context for the reproduction of social inequalities.

The 2015 COES Annual Conference aims to explore the spatial dimension of social conflict from a multi-disciplinary and multiscale perspective, addressing the global, regional, urban and local (interconnected) scales.

The conference welcomes interdisciplinary and innovative methodologies around the following main areas of concern:

  • Socio-environmental disputes, stakeholders, interests and identities;
  • Territorial impacts of segregation, gentrification and inequality;
  • Institutional structure, territorial governance and social movements; and
  • Urban-territorial conflict and Everyday life.