In order to provide a space for presenting and discussing graduate students’ research and gathering feedback from student colleagues and researchers, the conference included two advanced graduate workshops and a poster session.

Workshop 1 (Tuesday, December 2, 2014)

Ismael Puga, COES Researcher
Mónica Gerber, COES Researcher

Political and Social Conflict Area:

  • Factors of Legitimation of Student Protest in Chile, 2011-2013, José Tomás Labarca
  • Social Mobilization of the Homeless from the Esperanza Camp and Peñalolén (1992-1998), Catherine Valenzuela.

Individual and Group Interactions:

  • Violent and Non-Violent Conduct in Collective Action: The Case of the Student Movement in Chile in 2011, Patricio Saavedra
  • The Footprint of Chile’s Student Movement of 2011: Socio-cultural and Biographic Consequences, Juan Fernández.


Workshop 2 (Wednesday, December 3, 2014)

Daniel Hojman, COES Associate Researcher
Matías Garretón, COES Scientific Council

The Socio-Economic Dimensions of Conflict

  • Public Policy, Politics, and Protests: Explaining Student Mobilization in Latin America, Rodolfo Disi, COES Grant Recipient
  • Inequality and Democracy: Perceptions of Elites and Political Outcomes in Latin America, Matías López.

Geographies of Conflict:  The Spatial Dimension and Social Cohesion

  • Territorial Imaginaries of Children in a Context of Ecological-Distributive Conflict, Rodrigo Mardones, COES Funding Recipient
  • Structural Factors that Intervene in the Intensity of Protest in Chile, Natalia Miranda, COES Funding Recipient.
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