Inaugural Roundtable Discussion

The Advanced Graduate Workshops began on Monday, December 1, 2014.  Two key COES research projects were presented during the inaugural session, which was moderated by COES Associate Researcher Claudia Heiss, from the Political and Social Conflict research line.

  • On the Importance of the Neighborhood Scale for the Study of Social Conflict and Cohesion
    Pablo De Tezanos and Felipe Link, COES Associate Researchers
  • Segregation, Spatial Poverty, and Inequality in Access to Territorial Assets
    Daniel Hojman (COES Associate Researcher) and Alonso Román.


Roundtable Discussion on Social Movements (December 2, 2014)

The roundtable discussion on social movements was held after Sidney Tarrow’s presentation.  It was moderated by COES Principal Researcher María Luisa Méndez.


Roundtable Discussion on Legitimacy and Social Action

Following the presentations offered by Daniel Gaxie and Leslie McCall, a roundtable discussion was held on legitimacy and social action.  It was moderated by COES Scientific Council member Peter M. Siavelis.

  • Malaise in Representation, Alfredo Joignant, COES Principal Researcher
  • Distributive Justice in Chile, Juan Carlos Castillo, Assistant Director of COES