As part of the entity’s efforts to promote national and international associativity, three roundtable discussions were held with researchers from Santiago, other regions of Chile, and other countries.  Each session had a moderator who was responsible for setting time limits and providing participants with feedback.  The topics varied, but the heart of each exchange was social movements (such as student and environmental movements) and collective action.


Discussion 1 (Tuesday, December 2, 2014)

Moderator:  Manuel Antonio Garretón, COES Scientific Council

  • From the Democratization of the Plaza to the Democratization of the Territory: Movements, Spaces, and Social Change in the Battle for the Plaza, Daniela Vicherat
  • From the Picket Line to Congress: The Piquetero Movement’s Uses of Parliamentary Representation in Argentina, Federico Rossi
  • Explaining the 2011 Student Mobilizations: A Perspective from Political Sociology, César Guzmán-Concha
  • Squatters and Politics in Montevideo at the Turn of the Century, María José Álvarez
  • The Emergence of ‘Network Governance’ in Bolivia: ‘Political Networks’ in the State-social Movements’ Relationships under the Morales Administration, Soledad Valdivia.


Discussion 2 (Wednesday, December 3, 2014)

Moderator:  Alfredo Joignant, COES Principal Researcher

  • Social Movements and Election Processes in 2006 and 2012 in Mexico: Neither the Color Revolution nor the MesoAmerican Spring, , Salvador Martí
  • From “Disappearance” to Reemergence: Continuities and Ruptures in the Chilean Settlers Movement, Nicolás Angelcos (COES Post-doctoral Fellow) and Miguel Pérez-Ahumada, COES Grant Recipient
  • Protest and Social Media in Latin America: Deepening or Bridging Gaps in Participation, Nicolás Somma (COES Associate Researcher), Sebastián Valenzuela, Andrés Scherman, and Arturo Arriagada
  • Repoliticizing Inequality in Latin America: Tracing the Collective Action Frame of Chile’s Student Movement, Sofía Donoso, COES Post-doctoral Fellow
  • Mobilization and Political Struggle around Environmental Conflicts in Indigenous Territories in Chile: Towards a Radicalization of Democracy?, Ximena Cuadra.


Discussion 3 (Wednesday, December 3, 2014)

Moderator:  Gonzalo Delamaza

  • Unfolding the Geographies of Prefigurative Politics in the Chilean Student Movement through the Lens of the Penguins Revolution, Ivette Hernández
  • The Workers’ Movement and Unionism in Chile, Dasten Julián
  • Legal Action and Social Movements: The Case of Chile’s Union Movement, Francisca Gutiérrez, COES Researcher
  • The Chilean Student Movement: Between the Paradox of Higher Education and the Paradox of Memory, Leslie Parraguez
  • Online Networks of Trust and the Flash Mob: Mobilized for Education, Camila Ponce, COES Grant Recipient.